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Who and What is the GARBAGEMAN?

Some people have asked me how I came up with the idea of a Garbageman. Well, I have a very active imagination, and I doodle a lot. One day while talking on the phone, I was doodling on a scrap of paper just to pass the time. After the call was done, I was about to throw the drawing away, but for some reason I didn’t. Later that day, I found it on the counter. It looked like a bad drawing of a guy made of trash. “That’s weird!” I said. Then the wheels in my head started turning. I wondered if I could write a story about it. I wondered if he should be a bad guy. Nope, too many stories like that. Should he be a good guy? Yes! But how?

I needed a villain — someone afraid of nothing and used to terrorizing others. Hmm… the government? Just kidding, Uncle Sam. The answer finally came to me when the evening news ran a story about gangs doing drive-by shootings. That was it! A gang would be the bad guys. That is how it started, and the rest is pure imagination.

The sequel, Cryptic, is now available, and I promise you it’s going to be even wilder than this one. I hope you will enjoy reading that book too.

Did you catch the hints I left about some of the new characters who will appear in my next novel?

Well, until next time, look for me on the book shelf.

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