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Just for fun:

Moonlight meeting I have come out,on this full moon night. Not as a beast, but as a man tonight. Now that the forest is behind my back. I must venture forth, away from my pack. In a spring not so long ago, I angered an enchantress by being too bold. She call me a beast and made me so.

As I looked down at the meadow below, I saw beautiful flowers of brilliant yellow. And in that soft flower bed, I noticed a fair maiden just ahead. She was nude just like me. Should I approach her? Will she flee? She was gazing at the stars above. As my heart fluttered, I wonder could this be love.

I came as close to her as I would dare, for I didn’t want to give her a scare. Excuse me, fair maiden for being so bold. If you want me to leave, I will do what I am told.

She looked up at me without speaking a word, or at least one that could not heard. Her beauty was beyond compare. I’ll try to put into words if I dare.

Her eyes were as blue as the sea, at first glance it startled me. Her hair was red as fire, fill me up with desire.

My Lady which you dance with me tonight, in this beautiful moonlight? She arose and gave me an embrace. I think I have found love in this place.

We danced all night, in that shining light. I felt like I was floating on air and that I did not have a care. I knew that dawn was coming and that was my plight and soon I would have to take flight.

I kissed her and told her I had to go. She smiled and said nothing, but she seemed to know. As a reached the woods, where earlier I once stood. I turned around, but she was nowhere to be found. My love was now gone, but in her place stood a swan.

A thought came to me as a swan took flight. I said goodbye my love, for the dance in the moonlight.

It is early in the morn. I felt sorrow, as a return to my beastly form. As I joined the pack, I smiled maybe one night she will be back. So we can see each other again in the full moon light and once again dance all night.

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