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"Pure, Grisly Fun!"

- Kirkus Review

Meet a most unlikely crime fighter made out of things most people throw away...

Garbageman is packed with action and suspense, and a dash of morbid humor.

A night that starts out as the best night of David’s life goes terribly wrong. He and his fiancé, Julie, wander into Banger territory while trying to help a wounded man. David ends up shot in the head and his girlfriend, kidnapped.

Fighting for his life, David is rushed to the hospital where a brilliant neurologist uses a daring new treatment to save him. He survives, but he doesn't remember a thing... not who he is or where he comes from, or that his girlfriend is in terrible danger.

The gang is not about to let a witness to their crimes wander around. A reward is given for his capture, dead or alive.

David doesn't fully understand the circumstances he's in. When the Bangers set up an ambush, he barely escapes into an alley. Just when he's about to get shot for a second time, a strange, vagrant-like creature covered in trash comes to his rescue...

What is it and why is it helping David? 

Garbageman will entertain and delight fans of science fiction, horror and medical thrillers.


"Fun, yet brutal, with the same winning humor"

- Kirkus Review

A new supernatural adventure into the complex underworld of vampire nightclubs, werewolf cults, and psychic superheroes

David and his wife, Julie, are still recovering from the previous events in Garbageman. 

David's telekinetic abilities have disappeared, and he’s eager to discover why. 

Meanwhile, Julie has immersed herself in Southwest Native American art and culture. She collects kachina figures — handmade dolls symbolizing strange and powerful spirits. Her knowledge of mythology will come in handy when the supernatural world comes to call on the couple and David finds himself in possession of a strange Hopi artifact.

Dogging them both is a serial killer, the Fisherman, and other paranormal demons and enemies. To defeat these dark forces, the couple will have to put their trust in a mysterious new ally.

Like its predecessor, Cryptic is written in author Erik Dean’s signature synthetic style. 

Science fiction, horror, mystery, the occult, and even the metaphysical, exist side by side in Dean’s rich world of the supernatural Southwest.


"Straightforward fantasy tales showcasing diverse forms of alleged justice."
- Kirkus Review

One way or another, Justice will be served...

Read this anthology of judicial horror

In this set of four short stories, the perennial struggle to catch the bad guys gets the supernatural treatment. Like holding a murder trial in a twilight zone, anything can happen—but in the end, justice will be served.

In “Judge and Jury,” a violent gang tries to make its own rules. But out West, a kangaroo court is the only law, and this time, there’s a ghost in attendance. He knows the truth about their terrible crimes, and he won’t stop until someone pays for it.

Capital punishment gets a vengeful twist in “The Wheel,” as the victim’s family gets involved in choosing the style of execution. It may be cruel to leave things to fate, but the mourners don’t care. They are thirsty for retribution.

Each tale is a part moral quandary, part horror story, and together they explore the death penalty in all its forms. Such justice is older than the Salem trials, but the implications extend far beyond the demise of one person. What is right may not always be clear, but eventually, whether it is the accused, the wronged, or the devil himself who makes the final call, the ax must fall.

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"The art of the short story demands a certain skill and Erik Dean seems to have it in abundance."

- Readers' Favorite

Four more short stories of Judicial Horror


Robert Holman failed to heed the warnings and an innocent night out turns into a nightmare. What punishment is fitting for this Dummy? He realizes too late that being sorry is not enough, and that there's no hiding from the vengeful hand of fate.


An amendment to the US Constitution allows for grieving families to apply for Early Release for the prisoners who murdered their loved ones. The prisoner is set loose and the family has twenty-four hours to exact their revenge. If they don't kill the prisoner within 24 hours, they're awarded their freedom.

Kelvin Heyer, a bank robber, is the lucky winner this time. Will he outrun his victim’s vengeful family long enough with a little help from a Friend?


Best friends and business partners Carlos and Luis are thrilled when their swimming pool design company wins the lucrative bid to build new public pools in Phoenix, Arizona. Their delight is spoiled by a business rival and Carlos’s growing—and mutual—attraction to Maria, Luis’s wife. Lust, passion, and greed quickly build up to murder and betrayal.


In the future, trials take place in small pods instead of courtrooms and most cars are driverless. Holly Barlow is one of the few people who still prefer to drive her own car, but she is caught speeding and must pay a fine. She quickly learns that the court pods do more than simply accept payments for fines—they can also vaporize lawbreakers, carrying out executions instantly... and automated systems are known to break down from time to time. 

From courtrooms of the present and into the future, you'll enjoy these ironic and horrific tales with a twist.

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"Erik Dean is a great storyteller who has what it takes to keep readers' eyes glued to the pages while their hearts skip in fear as they follow the plot."  "Readers Favorite"
This new adventure is not your average ghost story.   This tale will scare the soul out of you.                                                                                                                                               After fourteen years, a funeral brings David’s family and his friends together. Little did they know that soon, their lives would be intertwined again.Someone... or something... is hunting them down. Detective Stanton doesn't know why so many people are going on a murderous rampage. When a vengeful ghost from the past targets David’s friends and family, they come together to fight this unseen enemy. Even with David's telekinetic powers, he will need the help of Stanton and an eccentric doctor and inventor, to hunt down this poltergeist.To make matters worse, Hellann might have escaped from Hell’s prison.The trio will venture into the lower levels of Hell to stop the Wraith and make sure Hellann hasn't escaped. Can David and the Garbageman stop this malicious Phantom? GET YOUR COPY! Remember to keep the lights on.
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The multi-award-winning author of Garbageman, Wraith and Cryptic is back with another chilling page-turner.

This weekend, on Arizona’s freeway between Tucson and Phoenix, several drivers will be trapped in a deadly dust storm.

"Pull off the road and turn off your lights!"
That's what the transportation authorities encourage drivers to do.
So no one will rear-end their vehicle, they say.

But that isn’t the only reason.
There's something else they're not telling travelers.

But they'll find out soon enough...
They'll come face to face with the evil that lurks within the dust storm.
And it's something they could never have imagined.

His vision of a judicial system of the future is especially terrifying as it is so plausible. 

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for CRUELER and MORE UNUSUAL


The pulse is powerful, the characters real and memorable, and they are crafted to create the kind of conflict that transforms a simple story into an extraordinary tale. 

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for CRYPTIC

I enjoyed how he could be detailed without being boring, how he could condense events into short paragraphs without losing the reader, and how each story is built to get the reader into a state of anticipation, pulling them into the dynamics of the conflict and making them hunger for the denouement.

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for CRUEL and UNUSUAL

... this one has a unique story line, a very refreshing change. The plot is incredibly well thought out, very deep and very dark, and the characters were extremely well developed. 

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for GARBAGEMAN

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Wraith is book three in the Garbageman series by Erik Dean, a story ingeniously written for fans of paranormal and horror.
  Readers Favorite 5-Star Review for Wraith
Devilish Dust is a good read and it kept me riveted thanks to its fast-paced action and horror!
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